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On the one hand there are many preconceptions about what counselling is like and on the other hand many have no idea what to expect. So I thought I would tell you a bit about what counselling is not!


It’s not lying on a couch talking about your awful childhood whilst I make notes and avoid making eye contact with you. Although you are welcome to lie on my sofa and talk about anything you like, including your awful childhood if you wish. I may even make you a cup of tea!


It’s not about me pointing out what you have got wrong or blaming you. It’s not about labelling you. It’s not about making you feel bad about yourself or uncomfortable. However, sometimes it can be painful to talk about ‘stuff’ but I will try my best to help you through it. And I have plenty of tissues!


Neither is it about you getting in touch with your unconscious mind and hoping that out of the blue some amazing insight comes bubbling up to the surface.  Hey presto!  


It’s not all about the past. You may want to talk about your past because that may be an important part of your story but we also focus on the here and now and how we can improve your current situation. Whilst I agree with the saying “You can’t change your past but you can change your future” I believe that it is inevitable that our past has influenced who we are now and if we don’t address it it has the ability to continue to impact negatively on our future.


It’s not something to be scared or nervous about. You are in control at all times. The sessions are your sessions.


W H A T   C O U N S E L L I N G   I S N ' T

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