As a therapist and supervisor my core theoretical model is Person Centred. However, having trained in CBT informed approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy I feel my approach is integrative. This allows me to blend my various training courses and CPD into a model that offers the Core Conditions to my clients and supervisees whilst also having a framework to explore the issues they bring. In my work with children and young people I have found that Geldard, Geldard and Foo’s Proactive Approach is really useful in easing the anxiety that many young clients feel not knowing what to expect from counselling. I have found this is equally useful in my work with adult clients and supervisees in the initial stages until they begin to feel more comfortable and trust the relationship. I work creatively when it feels appropriate with my clients and supervisees. This can really enhance the work providing it is offered within a safe and trusting space. However, I only do this if the client/supervisee is comfortable with this approach. 


I use the Supervisory Alliance model developed by Proctor who referred to it as a “cooperative enterprise between colleagues.” It focuses on three distinct areas, or lenses, by which to view the work:  Formative which relates to educating the supervisee, Normative which relates to monitoring standards and working safely and ethically and Restorative which relates to what she calls ‘refreshing’ the supervisee and attending to their well-being. 


I understand how vulnerable supervisees can feel when they present their work to their supervisor and this quote really resonates with me and how I want to be as a supervisor:


“Yeats’ famous line ‘Tread softly because you tread on my dreams’, is very applicable to supervision; “Tread lightly, you tread on my work, and how I see it, and how I view myself.” Our talking places our lives in the hands of others. It is essential that we choose carefully into whose hands, and control, we place our dreams and our work.” Michael Carroll



If you feel you would like to have a 30 minute preliminary meeting, free of charge, to see if you feel I’m the right supervisor for you please call, email, text or use the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 


At our preliminary meeting we will:

Get to know each other as human beings. Do we connect? Are we likely to be able to form a genuine and trusting relationship? Are we able to share something of ourselves and our lives in order to build this relationship?


We will talk about the client work you are doing and the setting you work in.

We will explore what it is you want and need from supervision and whether I am able to provide this for you. How we will ensure that you are getting what you need from supervision if you decide to work with me. How we will review and evaluate our work.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions.