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Counselling for youg people


"Emotional wellbeing lays the foundation for adulthood, and ensures young people are able to participate fully as adults ".        

Sarah Teather, Minister of State for Families & Young People, 2012


I regularly work with young people and am often struck by how isolated they feel. When youngsters are anxious or depressed, angry, self harming or feeling suicidal they feel that they are the only one to be feeling this way. In truth I know that there are many others in their school who share similar issues but client confidentiality prevents me from identifying them. However, it is very powerful to be able to talk to someone else who is experiencing the same thing, to feel understood and supported. Hence, I'm passionate about group work.


Groups can help with a multitude of issues:












Groups run for 5 consecutive weeks and each session lasts for an hour. Ideal group size is around 6 young people. After the initial anxiety young people usually come to enjoy the groups as although we do some important work there is also a fun element. Often the young people are sad to see the group end. If this is the case there is the option to continue to have monthly group sessions in order to ensure continued well being.


5 x 1 hour group session  £60



G R O U P S  F O R  Y O U N G  P E O P L E

  • feeling isolated

  • low self esteem

  • anxiety

  • low mood/depression

  • relationship problems

  • exam stress

  • anger

  • bullying

  • self harming

  • suicidal thoughts